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Virya Cookie Monster - Joomla! solution for the EU Cookie LawVirya Cookie Monster is an adaptation of the Kookie Grab module by Kevin Griffiths which we have developed alongside our own requirements for our clients, and feedback from the Joomla! Forums discussions here:

Virya Cookie Monster is compatible with Joomla! 2.5.x ONLY.  It does not work with 1.5.x or previous versions, as it leverages the ACL system present in 2.5.x.  No, we won't be releasing a 1.5.x version, YES, you should be migrating.

The basic version of this extension has the following features:

  • One-time script checks your installed extensions and allows you to choose whether they store cookies or not (we try to advise you for extensions that we know about) and add these to an ACL called 'Allow Cookies'
  • Create a user called 'I eat cookies' for the purpose of allowing users to accept cookies without being a registered user on your site (they are seamlessly logged in as this user when they accept, for that session)
  • Permit search engine spiders/bots access without the need to accept cookies (so that none of your cookie-storing content will be dropped from search engines)
  • 'Fun' and 'Corporate' styles, with four layouts
    • Popup (lightbox)
    • Banner
    • Page peel (coming soon)
    • Standard module (coming soon)
  • Ability to override styles using template overrides
  • Ability to show or hide 'powered by' link (spread the cookie monster love!)
  • Ability to prevent users from rejecting cookies (for example, if your site will not function without them)
  • Redirect cookie rejecters to a menu item
  • Redirect on accept/stop cookies
  • Allow cookie rejecters to change their minds at any point
  • Multiple language support including:
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Dutch (coming soon)
    • Croatian
    • Russian (coming soon)
    • Simplified Chinese
  • Show or hide login form in popup/banner

Enhanced version coming soon which will include a component to manage your extensions, an automatic audit of your site at predefined intervals, content plugin which populates your privacy policy with a table containing cookies used on your site, and much more.

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