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The problem:

K2 creates many different URLs which point at the same thing - these should include a canonical URL tag to avoid duplicate content penalties  

k2 logoOften as web developers we want to make something exciting happen with an image - perhaps to have it change when a visitor hovers over a section, or allow them to click through to another part of your site.

The solution:

K2 Canonical URL plugin assigns the URLs which are duplicated the canonical property, effectively advising search engines that it's a copy of another page.  

Do you support Joomla! 1.5?

No, we don't support Joomla! 1.5 any more.

How does it work?

URLs which have been duplicated (for example different views of the same item) will have the canonical property assigned to them ensuring that search engines are aware that it's a duplicated page.

Don't other extensions do this?

While many popular SEF systems manage canonical URL's, this plugin should be useful if you don't use them - or if their canonical management is not working for you.

How much does it cost?

K2 Canonical Plugin costs £20+VAT (where applicable) which gives you access to download all updates and receive support for a period of one year - you can install HTML Map 2 on as many domains as you like, and we will support you on as many domains as you need.  

Following this period you can continue to use HTML Map 2 (still on as many sites as you like, we don't ever lmiit that) but if you need updates or support you will need to purchase another subscription.

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