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Adsfactory Cleanup intended as an accompaniement to 'The Factorys' Adsmanager component for Joomla! 1.5.x ( When a user account is deleted, all associated ads remain on the system. For some users this is desirable, for others it is not! This component allows a simple cron job to delete all orphaned ads and their associated images.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you change the default password as per the instructions in the readme file included.

Interactive Images

htmlmap2-make-images-in-joomla-interactive-hotspotsDo you need to make your static images interactive, with hover-areas and clickable regions?  

HTML Map 2 allows you to:

  • Create areas of your image ('hotspots') which can be linked to pages within your site or external URLs
  • Change the image when a visitor hovers over the 'hotspot'

Read more about HTML Map 2

Links with Screenshots

bookmarksreloadedlogoAre you fed up with boring pages of links to sites you support? 

Bookmarks Reloaded allows you to:

  • Capture and display a screenshot of the links you add
  • Restrict categories and links using the native ACL
  • Import bookmarks from TEGDesign's Bookmarks extension

Read more about Bookmarks Reloaded

Whizzy Tags

viryaknotlogoNeed to display your tags in an eye-catching way? 

Whizzy Tags allows you to:

  • Render specific words in a tag cloud as links to com_content articles
  • Create tag clouds from K2 article tags

Read more about Whizzy Tags

Microdata and Semantic HTML Extensions

viryaknotlogoWe're pretty passionate about microdata and semantic HTML here at Virya Software, so much so that we've launched a separate site to host our extensions. 

At Microdata for Joomla you will find:

  • Free Joomla! Core Overrides stuffed full of microdata
  • Commercial template overrides for many popular extensions, adding microdata to the core output
  • Specialist extensions which add microdata in specific formats and allow you to add microdata within content

Visit Microdata for Joomla!