Virya Software

Your resource for ethical Joomla! ® extension development

Virya Software is part of Virya Technologies, who provide ethical technology services to businesses, charities and not for profit organisations.

Run as a Buddhist right livelihood organisation, we exist to be able to offer services to those who would not normally be able to afford them, by using the profit we make from our commercial work to fund 'dana' - or generosity - projects.

Virya Software is where we provide the software which we have produced to the public.  We're currently updating the site to include more information about our team, watch this space!


Ruth Cheesley - The boss woman!


Ruth is Director of Virya Technologies and Virya Software, and manages the day to day running of both organisations.  She oversees the team of developers and manages the emails and forum.

She is keen to see Virya Software develop and is always on the lookout for software which needs customising or creating, and Joomla! extensions which need updating or adapting (or indeed writing from scratch) - we're always up for a challenge!

Ruth is the driving force behind the charitable activities that Virya Technologies support and is a practicing Buddhist with the Triratna Buddhist Community and part of the Young People's Sangha.

Ruth lives with her partner John in Ipswich, Suffolk (UK) and also runs the local Joomla! User Group Suffolk, which meets monthly in Ipswich.


Ben Tasker - The coder!

bentaskerBen Tasker is based in Ipswich, Suffolk (UK) and has been part of Virya Technologies since the early days, lending his expertise in IT Security to his role as IT Manager & Linux Specialist. 

Ben's main focus at Virya Technologies is looking after the servers that we manage, although he is also a pretty awesome coder, and has been responsible for several of our projects to date.  

Ben acts as our senior developer, checking code before it is released and managing our test process.

Ben has a specific interest in vulnerability testing and security which allows him to apply this knowledge when we are asked to investigate websites which have been hacked.


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Chris Smith - The Style Guru!

chrissmithChris started working with Virya Technologies in October 2011 as an apprentice and impressed us so much he stayed on as a full time web designer.  

Chris has ninja-like skills with CSS (especially responsive-friendly CSS) and is often responsible for making sure the code we churn out is user-friendly.

Within the Virya Software team, Chris looks after the front-end styling of our extensions, and also gets involved in ensuring that responsive-friendly features work across all platforms.  He is also responsible for code quality in relation to the user interface, and forms part of our testing team.

Chris also develops in other languages, and to further his knowledge of PHP has been writing his own CMS.


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Andrew Matthew - The Apprentice!

andrewmatthewAndrew joined the team in December and is starting to get more involved with Virya Software.

Andrew has a keen interest in coding and is learning a lot about Joomla!, so we expect him to join our development team in the future - a code monkey in development one might say! :)

Andrew is a keen motocross rider in his spare time, and competes regularly.

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