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Consulting is usually required when you intend to adapt ]project-open[ to your specific business needs. It features a detailed analysis of your company's requirements which is followed by the programming work to implement the customized business processes.
Based on its experiences the ]po[ team developed an implementation and customization methodology that bring learned lessons and other advantages to your organization.


Most consulting projects start out with a one-day workshop at the users' premise. The workshop's goal is combining concept, initiation and planning phases to rapidly deliver a clear project definition and a robust deployment plan.

Its aim is giving all stakeholders a clear understanding of the steps and the measures included when implementing ]project-open[ in the client's organization.


  • Benefits of the team's experience and best practice knowledge on how to support business processes and business needs most efficiently using ]project-open[ .
  • Knowledge transfer on how to implement ]project-open[ without disrupting ongoing business more than necessary.
  • Maturity evaluation and integration issues of modules by other community members.
  • Jump start through support in GAP analysis and consulting regarding configuration and customization topics.
  • Detection of opportunities by aligning project goals with the generic ]po[ roadmap.

Workshops are tailored to customer needs

The workshops program serves as an orientation and can also be delivered
in a customer-tailored manner on specific issues.
]project-open[ participants serve either as facilitators or as consultants.

The workshop can be held alternatively in English, German or Spanish language.

Interactive Images

htmlmap2-make-images-in-joomla-interactive-hotspotsDo you need to make your static images interactive, with hover-areas and clickable regions?  

HTML Map 2 allows you to:

  • Create areas of your image ('hotspots') which can be linked to pages within your site or external URLs
  • Change the image when a visitor hovers over the 'hotspot'

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Links with Screenshots

bookmarksreloadedlogoAre you fed up with boring pages of links to sites you support? 

Bookmarks Reloaded allows you to:

  • Capture and display a screenshot of the links you add
  • Restrict categories and links using the native ACL
  • Import bookmarks from TEGDesign's Bookmarks extension

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Whizzy Tags

viryaknotlogoNeed to display your tags in an eye-catching way? 

Whizzy Tags allows you to:

  • Render specific words in a tag cloud as links to com_content articles
  • Create tag clouds from K2 article tags

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Microdata and Semantic HTML Extensions

viryaknotlogoWe're pretty passionate about microdata and semantic HTML here at Virya Software, so much so that we've launched a separate site to host our extensions. 

At Microdata for Joomla you will find:

  • Free Joomla! Core Overrides stuffed full of microdata
  • Commercial template overrides for many popular extensions, adding microdata to the core output
  • Specialist extensions which add microdata in specific formats and allow you to add microdata within content

Visit Microdata for Joomla!